Water Conservation Policy & Treatment

Water conservation is part of Bali Eco Deli commitment to preserve Nusa Lembongan environment.

As all around Bali, the island is facing a predicted but mostly ignored Fresh Water crisis (more informations about this can be found on the IDEP Foundation website). Fast, uncontrolled & poorly managed development is leading to low aquifers levels. It’s a fact. This situation is even amplified in Nusa Lembongan owing to a drier climate & a much faster development than in mainland Bali.

Among basic solutions such as tap aerators (which are not so easy to find in Indonesia) or dual flush toilets, our building includes a few more “exotic” (well … compared to local practices) water saving & aquifer recharging solutions :

* 100% of our grey water (kitchen & bathroom sinks) is recycled. This grey water is used for front garden watering thru a network of drip lines. To limit natural evaporation, all the garden beds are mulched (home-made compost) & watering obviously occurs only during the cooler hours of the day (early morning). Overflow of grey water is filtered then supplies a drainage well to recharge the aquifer.
* 100% of our black water is treated thru a multiple stages septic tank. After this first treatment, black water supplies a Waste Water Garden. At the end of the garden, treated water is used for continuous sub-surface irrigation. Overflow is sent to the drainage well.
* Rain water is harvested on the sides of the building. A network of pipes leads to the drainage well.

All of this is done thru gravitation or using low consumption water pumps … as limiting the use of unnecessary electricity is another challenge here.

In addition of conserving water, we try our best to get the safest water available on the island, still focusing on limiting unnecessary wastes.

Fruits, vegetables, prep tools & dishes are cleaned using filtered & conditioned water.

Drinks – including ice cubes – and meals are prepared with Mineral Water only. We use the more expensive Cleo water as it has the lowest level of TDS from the various mineral waters available on the Indonesian Market (10 mg/L vs 140 mg/L for Aqua for example …).

Our Water Filtering setup is the most eco-friendly possible as it does not involve salt discharge (TAC Media vs the more conventional Ion Exchange process) neither high level of energy & groundwater waste (UV + 3-stage Media filters vs Reverse Osmosis).

Water PH is tested daily. Water analysis is conducted on a regular basis to ensure acceptable levels of sediments (TDS) & a total absence of biological contaminants. However, due to our location, Salt (aka Chloride) level remains higher than International Standards for Drinking Water. Lab tests results (before & after setup) are displayed below.

We are the only place on the island doing such efforts to ensure you evade Bali Bel when limiting energy & groundwater wastes …