The Bali Eco Deli philosophy

Because we try to be eco-responsible, most of the ingredients we use come from Indonesian fair-trade organic farms & none of them contain palm-oil … meaning – for example – we use 100% cocoa butter chocolate in our recipes. Yes we do … and it’s not only good for the planet but it really tastes much better.

In addition, we are happy to collect plastic bottles & bags, Tetra-Pak (milk & juices carton boxes) and used batteries from our guests & transport them to mainland Bali for recycling. By the way, 90% of the wastes we produce when cooking, preparing drinks & serving them are composted. The remaining is sent to Bali for recycling. It’s not so difficult to do, it just takes a little bit of time & money.

Bali Eco Deli Poster

Finally, all the take-away containers we use are eco-friendly : they are made from natural & biodegradable material … but still it’s not a reason to abandon them ! Obviously, Bali Eco Deli is a no straw area.

At the end we are proud to devote a significant amount of our profit & time to help making Nusa Lembongan a cleaner island and serve Juices, Coffees & Cakes in Paradise.