Partners & friends

Here is a short list of people, companies & organizations we work with and support.

Peduli Alam
Peduli Alam means « Protect Nature » in Bahasa Indonesia.
This organization, based in Amed, is providing a full network of garbage collection & recycling system in East Bali. Along with this action, Peduli Alam is holding prevention and awareness campaigns in schools and villages to encourage people to change their behavior.
Peduli Alam has been the main inspiration of Bali Eco Deli in Nusa Lembongan !

Everto (Everybody for Togean)
Everto is a small organization located in the Togean Islands (Central Sulawesi, Indonesia), also working on creating environmental and social value in this quite remote archipelago. Everto is focusing on providing a network of bins, collecting plastic and raising awareness thru local community working groups.

Soul Surf Project Bali
Soul Surf Project creates opportunities for unprivileged local kids to get a job in the Balinese surf scene. The foundation helps children from Bali orphanages to learn to surf to give them a second chance. They also learn to deal in a responsible way with their beautiful but fragile environment.
Bali Eco Deli is proud to support this project by selling the organic surfwax made by those kids. In addition of being made from natural ingredients & packaged in reclaimed provision bags, the purchase of this surfax support both Soul Surf Project and our local recycling program.

Bali Recycling
Waste collection & processing facility in Gianyar, Bali.
Where we bring the plastic bags & bottles, Tetra Pak & batteries collected from our guests or during clean-ups.

Sahani Cooperative
Fair-trade & organic cooperative in Yogyakarta and Central Java.
Our main supplier for cocoa powder, coconut flakes & sugar, honey, cinnamon & vanilla beans.

Murray Goulburn Co-operative
Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co. Limited (MGC) is an agricultural cooperative formed in 1950 from 14 dairy farms that has grown to become the largest processor of milk in Australia and the nation’s largest exporter of processed food.
Not only supplying the best butter you can find in Bali, Murray Goulburn has a strong commitment on environmental protection investing millions of AU$ in used water, general waste & energy management. Murray Goulburn is our exclusive supplier for dairy products such as fresh butter & cream cheese.

Caswell’s Coffe
Caswell’s coffee is roasted in Bali, using time honored traditional techniques, and vaccum packed daily by experienced roasters. This way, the beans we use have never been roasted more than two weeks before becoming an espresso ! We use Caswell’s 100% Arabica Espresso blend of 3 different origins from South America and Indonesia. This blend has full body with a smooth after taste and creates a chocolaty aroma.

All From Boats Furnitures
When a fishing trawler has become too expensive to repair and would ordinary be burned as cooking fuel, All From Boats buy it from the fishermen for a several weeks pay value.
As the workshop owner, we firmly believe in fair-trade & an eco-friendly way to make business : those beautiful furnitures have a positive effect on both helping the communities from which the materials are sourced and saving endangered tropical forests.
Our handcrafted & unique bar, tables & chairs come from this workshop.