Where we are

Bali Eco Deli is located on the main road, in the heart of Nusa Lembongan, behind the busy beach of Jungut Batu and only a few meters outside the village.

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Our restaurant includes many eco-friendly features such as a waste water garden (for sewage water remediation & aquifer recharging), grey water recycling unit, solar hot water & ultra-low wattage LED lights.

In 2017 we have made a few more “green investments” including a small solar farm located in our back garden. This 6 kW setup generates up to 25 kW of energy a day which represents about 1/3 of our total electrical needs (*). It is connected to a 15 kW battery bank which allows us to do not use a highly polluting generator during the quite common black outs in Lembongan.

(*) In case you wonder : solar energy is much less worth the investment here than in many other countries. In addition of heavy import taxes on the equipment, electricity is quite cheap in Indonesia “thanks” to Government subsidies, but it is mostly produced by ageless & badly maintained highly polluting diesel generators in “remote” areas such as Nusa Lembongan. Still, it is morally worth the few thousands dollars …