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Bali Eco Deli is a small & cozy café located on the main road, in the heart of Nusa Lembongan, behind the busy beach of Jungut Batu.

We are open everyday, from 7AM to 6PM.

Everything we serve is made to order and daily baked in house using fresh ingredients sourced from organic & fair-trade farms.

Some of our favorite treats include :

* Premium Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte & other mixes
* Freshly prepared iced drinks, smoothies, frozen blends & slow juiced fruits
* Tasty fruits salad with fresh yogurt & real granola muesli
* Healthy meals, salads, iced cold veggies soups & home baked bread
* Home made cookies, cakes, brownies etc …

We provide free high-speed WiFi for guests & we are the ONLY café in Nusa Lembongan offering free mineral water refills (when using non disposable or reusable container, plastic bottles refills are charged for a small fee as we don’t like plastic so much …).

Come visit us during your stay in Paradise Island !